More on Microsoft Web Designer

Following up my previous post on Web Designer, the new Microsoft program that will replace FrontPage, I'm been playing with it and it's impressive.

CSS support is imbedded into it. You can do it automatically, having it create the style sheet as you go, or manually. There's lots of context-sensitive popup help for CSS. In FP, CSS seemed jammed it, in WD it's bedrock to everything.

Dynamic Web templates have been expanded upon. You can easily create a template for a page or pages, with say a header graphic and menu items in the left column. They are only editable in the template, not on the actual pages. It's way more intuitive and powerful than the often clumsy Shared Borders that most use in FP.

Michael Swanson, who blogs for Microsoft Developer Network says:

If you're a professional designer (or developer) building standards-based XHTML Web sites and applications, you should check out this tool. Expression Web Designer has strong support for CSS-based layout and formatting, ASP.NET 2.0 with server and user controls, "no code" data binding, integration with Visual Studio 2005 projects, and WYSIWYG XSLT design tools. This is not your father's FrontPage.

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