PasswordSafe for Linux

I’ve been using PasswordSafe to store and protect passwords. However, it’s only available for Windows. Given that I have multiple websites and blogs for myself and clients, it’s essential to have a secure place to store passwords. How would Ubuntu handle this?

Almost the same as Windows, as it turns out. Someone wrote a command line Linux version of PasswordSafe that uses the same data file as the Windows version. Just copy in the data file and it works.

Installation seemed difficult when I first checked it out. It appeared to just be source code, and I don’t yet know how to compile it.

Here’s where Ubuntu shines. Synaptic, a program installed with Ubuntu, lists and installs thousands of programs for Ubuntu. It had Password Safe, which installed in just a few clicks. Now, no more hunting for passwords!

Is a command line util harder to use than a GUI? Possibly, but hey, now I have all the passwords safely stashed, with no re-entry needed. Besides, I LIKE the command line.

9 thoughts on “PasswordSafe for Linux

  1. Bob,
    I tried the same thing, just copying over my blah.psafe3 file to my ubuntu distro, but when I start up pwsafe, it doesn’t accept my passphrase. Did you run into this problem?


  2. I went by the simplest solutionin with my dual boot machine: Just browsed to the Password Safe folder in the Windows partition and double-clicked the executable. Pwsafe runs without a hitch under Wine.

    This with Mandriva 2009.0 and Gnome.


  3. I think pwsafe only supports version 1 & 2 of passwordsafe database file. There’s a switch to it that pretty much says this:
    –dbversion=[1|2] specify database file version (default is 2)


  4. Thanks jatufin, i didn’t know it works with wine this beautifully. I took the pain of installing the Keepassx from source code just to realise that it wont import password safe databases.

    Now installed pwsafe on my Natty narwhal Ubuntu and running it with wine smoothly.



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