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  1. The Looney Toons characters are based off the character of Lennie in John Steinbeck’s novel Of Mice and Men published in 1937.


  2. The quote, “Which way did he go, George?” is from a cartoon in which a large dog (a St. Bernard I think) wants to prove that he should be allowed to be part of the group used for the hunt. In trying to prove his ability as a hunting dog, he goes out alone in search of a fox. He finds a fox who tells him that his name is George and convinces him the that he (George) is not a fox but assures the dog that he has seen a fox and will help him find it–hence the phrase, Which was did he go, George. The fox leads the dog on many merry chases in which the phrase is repeated many times and during which the dog and fox become friends. As I remember, the dog finally is allowed to become a member of the hunt and instead of hunting the fox, he protects his friend George.
    I have searched every way I know (which is not many) to find the quote and the name of the cartoon.


  3. The name of the cartoon is Of Fox and Hound. It is a Warner Bros cartoon that Tex Avery did. The fox was name Gearge and the dog was name Willouby>


  4. Of Fox and Hounds
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    ‘Of Fox and Hounds’ is an 8-minute 1940 Tex Avery film which introduced Willoughby the Dog.

    The film focuses on a sly fox, George and a dimwitted hound, Willoughby, which he often tricks into jumping off cliffs, amongst other things. Willoughby’s line, “Which way did he go, George? Which way did he go?” has long ago become a catchphrase.

    The animated film is significant in that it is Tex Avery’s first usage of characters based around George and Lennie of John Steinbeck’s Of Mice and Men.


  5. Hugo, the abominable snowrabbit, is famous for that “I’ll hug him and kiss him and love him foreehver” line – also a parody of Steinbeck’s Lenny.


  6. Wow, are you serious. I can’t believe out of all of you, the last guy here recognized it from the Steinbeck novel, Of Mice and Men. Though the character’s name is, Lennie, with an “ie”.


  7. Wow, I can’t believe no one, other than the guy above me made the Steinbeck connection. Hugo is a parody of Lennie from Of Mice and Men, though Bennie from some of Sylvester’s cartoons is a more direct parody, and is the one who says the quote that is at topic.


  8. We recently bought a Great Pyrenees puppy and named him George after Chicken George from “Roots” because he was supposed to protect our chickens from predators. He has defeathered 3 chickens, unfortunately. I think his namesake should be after the cartoon because his best friend is the neighbor’s chihuahua that resembles a fox. He is slowmoving and large and hilarious when he rolls around with the fox-like chihuahua.


  9. No one says ‘Which way did he go, George’ in Of Mice and Men. Just for the record. Yes, the cartoon characters are often parodies of Lennie and George, but no one says ‘Which way did he go, George’ in the novel.


  10. I can verify that comment. I literally just finished reading “Of Mice and Men,” and that line is not in the book. The cartoon characters are just based on Lennie and George.


  11. Sorry to post this here, but I need some help:

    I believe it is an old Warner Bros cartoon with a Big Dog (Bulldog) and a small dog (not sure) where the Big Dog just moseys around and the small dog is extremely hyper-active bouncing around the whole time….


  12. @noah, you are thinking of Spike and Chester in “A Tree for Two” (Spike is the bulldog) and they end up chasing Sylvester and also get caught up with an escaped zoo black panther.

    The one of topic is “Of Fox and Hounds”

    That is the original, as far as I know (by year published) and the rest are all just “running gags” (Falling Hare at run time 3:45) or also already mentioned, Hugo, a different character.

    And to those previously, Willoughby isnt a St Bernard, he is a beagle or simular hunting dog (not sure if it actually says but you can see in the link above).


  13. The Willoughby line — in his dumb sounding voice — was “Which way did ge go, George? Which way did he go?”

    …and the episodes always included Willoughby saying: “You know, George, that was the fox.”

    I can do the voice and inflections just about perfectly, but can’t convey them in writing. 8;)


  14. I’ve seen the dog video clip, but I really thought that the quote was also said by a dumb cartoon bird. Does anyone else remember a dumb cartoon bird that hopped around and said that?


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