High-end, free-software-only laptop

That’s what Mark Shuttleworth, founder of Ubuntu, wants to create. Laptops that are”designed specifically to be free-software friendly” with no proprietary anything, including the BIOS. This would greatly ease getting a laptop for Ubuntu or any Linux distro. Presumably everything would just work. No gnashing of teeth because of Broadcom wireless chips and the like…

2 Replies to “High-end, free-software-only laptop”

  1. Boy, I’d love that. Couldn’t watch video last night when I wanted because an upgrade had disabled the sound support. Again. To be fair, I’m running Gutsy but wow, I get tired of Ubuntu turning off support for my Nvidia card, too.

    And I’m running XP on my old Dell laptop because of issues with wireless and hibernation. I just don’t have those with XP.

    I picked Ubuntu because Google is supposed to be using it in-house and I figured there would be good support.

    I installed Vista on my home machine. It wouldn’t upgrade from XP, so I had to do a fresh install. It wouldn’t let me delete files on my second disk. It was annoying in many ways. I put Ubuntu on and then I could access my files without problems. I can boot Vista as well as Ubuntu. But I don’t.

    Found you via topic ubuntu on BlogRefs


  2. No one is saying much of anything good about Vista. Here’s someone else with that second disk problem


    “The problem was Vista had taken my 2nd hard drive and denied me all admin rights to it!! I’m an admin!!! That 2nd drive was storage and backup. The only thing I could do was find other places to dump all that storage and backup, delete the partition, reformat. Sheesh!


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