Sweeten your coffee with maple syrup

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I do, and it’s delicious. Plus, it’ll be an especially good year for it here in New England.

If you don’t have access to local farmers, try Green Mountain Sugar House in Vermont for superb quality maple syrup at prices way less than in stores – $55-60 a gallon shipped in the U.S.

9 Replies to “Sweeten your coffee with maple syrup”

  1. I totally agree – My bf discovered this by accident when we ran out of sugar – there’s something really perfect about the maple flavor in coffee. I’m surprised the foo-foo coffee places don’t offer this as an option!


    1. DEAR MARIANNE: These foo-foo coffee houses like Starbuck’s don’t offer you maple syrup in your coffee because it would lead to a loss in profits! As well as that, these foo foos pay their staff POOH POOH wages or salaries! So, you see, they’e not in business for your health – they’re in it for your wealth!!

      REGARDS, DESMOND, THU-MAY-10-2012.


  2. This is now my personal preference. Coffee is absoluteyl at its best with Pure Grade A Maple Syrup. The mouth feel is totally different. Much more rounded and pleasant. Maple syrup as opposed to sugar also changes the pH and makes coffee less acidic. This changed my coffee experience completely. Try it and see.


  3. DEAR JEFF: I just discovered this coffee/cocoa/drinking-chocolate mixture thing a few years ago when I became the last European to join the 21st Century. I think it’s called some funny foo-foo name to appeal to yuppies. Even so, if you were to add maple syrup instead of sugar to it, it might taste nice. Dunno yet if it works or not – you see, I am waiting for YOU to be the guinea pig! Go on, you and Marianne can give it a try!


  4. All of you guys are hilarious. I was looking up putting maple syrup in coffee, and landed on this site. It sounds like a brilliant idea and I’m going to get some real syrup (not that overly processed stuff) and try it out!


  5. Wow!
    I was looking on the internet to know whether it was a common thing to do and landed it here. After reading your comments, I tried it and it is THE best thing ever!
    Absolutely love it!

    Thank you guys!


  6. I love maple syrup in my coffee! The taste is smoother. No more bitterness. And, it’s a lot easier on my stomach. Plus, every time I drink coffee, I end up running to the restroom every 15 minutes for at least an hour. Seems that coffee irritates my bladder. But, since I started using maple syrup in my coffee, I am no longer suffering from irritated bladder. Now I can enjoy as much coffee as I want without worrying about what it’s doing to my body. Only pure maple syrup. Imitation maple syrup is not the same thing and won’t work to reduce the acid in coffee.


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