How to uninstall Ubuntu on dual boot Windows XP using Windows only

My dual boot Ubuntu installation on Windows XP got hopelessly trashed. Endless command line errors upon booting. After much searching, I found an easy way to uninstall it using Windows only.

It took me about three minutes and it worked flawlessly. Hope this helps someone else. (And now I can reinstall Ubuntu!)

Quick instructions: (detailed instruction follow)

A.) Use Disk Manager in Windows to delete the Ubuntu partitions.

B.) Boot off your Windows XP CD.

  1. Choose “Repair”
  2. When it asks for the installation number, I put in “1”, and it worked fine (you may want to test this first to be sure.)
  3. Enter Admin password.
  4. At the command prompt type “fixmbr”, then confirm. Windows will overwrite the dual boot info in the MBR that Ubuntu put there.
  5. Reboot!

Full details:

Uninstall Ubuntu using Windows…+question/1800

Suppose you are running Windows. If so, follow these steps:
1) In Windows, launch Disk manager and remove every partition used by Ubuntu (root partition, swap, …)
2) Reboot with your Windows CD. When asked, choose “repair” and launch fixmbr. This command replaces GRUB with Windows bootloader.
3) Reboot again and you have done.

Once you are done, it you want to recover the space for Windows that was once used by Ubuntu. You can use the steps outlined above (going the the Disk Manager, etc). To create a new NTFS partition and assign it as something like the D: drive (or some other letter) to be used for data and so forth.

How to use Disk Manager

To start Disk Management:
1. Log on as administrator or as a member of the Administrators group.
2. Click Start, click Run, type compmgmt.msc, and then click OK.
3. In the console tree, click Disk Management. The Disk Management window appears. Your disks and volumes appear in a graphical view and list view. To customize how you view your disks and volumes in the upper and lower panes of the window, point to Top or Bottom on the View menu, and then click the view that you want to use.

NOTE: Microsoft recommends that you create a full back up of your disk contents before you make any changes to your disks or volumes.


215 thoughts on “How to uninstall Ubuntu on dual boot Windows XP using Windows only

  1. Hello,
    dear Bob Morris, I have tried to install Ubuntu 7.10 in my 8Gb USB to allow a dual boot but I was unable to enable the write options on USB….so ubuntu was fast but I could not update Ubuntu OS…
    Dual Boot worked very well, but only if I had the USB connected… My goal was to boot on my USB in any computer, I must try again.
    Nevertheless, I wanted to uninstall dual Boot XP-Ubuntu and your page has allowed it in only 2 minutes !!!
    And, the most important thing, my windows XP (with everything inside from my work) keeps running very well without any data lost !!
    Again, thank you for your web page !

  2. I tried uninstalling ubuntu on my XP computer. I deleted the partitions with no problem, but after I rebooted I get the following messages during boot:
    Grub loading stage 1.5
    Grub loading please wait
    Error 17

    The startup hangs at this point. When I reboot this happens again (either with or without the Win XP boot disk).

  3. This might be because the grub loader from Ubuntu is still in the boot sector. Deleting the partitions won’t get rid of the grub loader.

    Did you boot off a Windows XP CD and do fixmbr as mentioned above? That should fix the problem.

  4. I’m having the same Grub problem but don’t have a true WinXP install disc. The disc that came with my toshiba uses Symantic’s ghost program to put the windows image on. No repair options. Any suggestions?

  5. Hi,
    You had deleted the password, but may be you forget to change the computer’s startup, i.e. boot-up sequence. Change boot option first boot from CD & then boot from HDD.
    When you delete the partition it just remove Ubuntu not bootloader. If the first boot device is HDD then boot-loader will try to use load. As Ubuntu is not there it will give that problem. Try to use boot from CD option and then use “FixMBr”

  6. sorry in my above post instead of “Uninstalled Ubuntu” I had write “deleted the password”.

    Please note that first line after hi read as “You had uninstalled Ubuntu, but”

  7. I just uninstalled Ubuntu using your walk through it was the best walk through that I have found yet for uninstalling Ubuntu. KUDOOS!!

  8. Thank you so much!
    I had a broken linux mint partition, and an unwanted mandriva partition, and this was of great help. I used an ubuntu live CD to edit the partitions to how i wanted them, then followed the steps to repair windows, and it works perfectly now. Excellent simple walkthrough!

    • because anytime i try to get something to work like my graphics card, battery backup, security camers and such, its impossible, everything is work to try and get to work when it already works on my xp side. i never use ubuntu cus of this and so its a waste of space. i love the idea of it and if wine was better id prolly still live in it, but im over it.

  9. hii i uninstalled it but at the time of start up it shows the option for selecting the operating system..why how to stop that

  10. hello
    i tried your solution with fixmbr
    it worked, i rebooted in windows xp, and when i selected another restart the same problem…
    grub loading stage 1.5….
    grup loading, please wait……
    error 17
    i please give me an advice

  11. yes i’ve done the fixmbr
    right now i don’t have any more problems . i just gave it another restart and it worked .
    i hope i won’t have any more problems .

  12. Thanks alot …… I unistalled ubuntu 8 using partiton software and got caught with the error 17 message…..thanks to your post flawless removal… Thanks Again

  13. Thanks for the info.

    I forgot the root password for Ubuntu so I cannot login to root. This severely limits what I can do on the system. I’m a former Unix system administrator so there are a lot of things I would like to be able to do with a Linux system — and I can’t — Aargh!

    Fortunately, I have not done anything critical on the Ubuntu system — yet!

    Now I know how to do an uninstall of Ubuntu using my Windows dual-boot installation. Ubuntu won’t uninstall itself without that root password. Then I can re-install Ubuntu with a new root password and start having some fun.

  14. when i put my win xp cd, its not asking for any installation number, what can i do?
    i have installed windows in C drive and ubuntu in E drive (only a part of the drive is used by ubuntu, remaining is in ntfs file system). i have certain other datas in E drive(ie. in ntfs other than ubuntu’s file system) will it be damaged?
    tell me a safe way to remove ubuntu without damaging the files in E drive.
    with regards,

  15. Rand: Glad I could help. Ubuntu doesn’t really let you get to root. Certain commands require a root password and you can do them, but you never really get free access to root. This was to insure that newbs didn’t bonk the system., I think,

  16. Balaji: Hmmm, not sure. Can you back up the data first. AFAIK, Ubuntu creates its own partition so the deinstall only frees that space.

    If it doesn’t ask for an installation number, maybe you don’t need one.

    Have you look at the disk with disk manager?

  17. hi morris!
    ya i have seen the disk with disk manager but its not showing the linux partition, it shows as such the whole drive(E drive in my case) is in ntfs format.
    i backed up my data.
    tel me what to do next? should i format that particular drive to remove ubuntu from my system? and then to follow your instruction to overwrite the mbr?

  18. I can’t see how it could remove Ubuntu if DM doesn’t show the partition.

    But yes, if you just need to overwrite the mbr, then what I said should work. Maybe you don’t even need to format.

    (So, try removing mbr, with or without a format, but I can’t guarantee anything…)

  19. Hi morrris, i did fixmbr like what you posted, but the choice of os screen still appear when i try to restart my com, i don’t know what happen, what did i do wrongly??
    can you detailed the steps?? i type fixmbr, then type y, then type exit to reboot com, right??
    any file that i need to delete from my hard drive?

  20. Hmmm. Did you boot off the Windows CD and is the installation number correct? That’s about all I can think of. Hope it helps. Yes, you have the sequence of the steps correct.

    There aren’t any files that needed to be deleted.

  21. ya, i have boot off the windows cd, and only one installation number is available, that’s 1, it directs me to c:/windows, then till there i follow what you said, yet it still prompt me to select os when i start my com.

  22. hi
    i have dual booting on my laptop useing ubuntu and xp professional i wnat to uninstall ubuntu pls kindly replay me thank

  23. I installed Ubuntu but I don’t like it. I want my Windows Vista back so bad! I can’t get it back!! Can someone please help me, I don’t know what to do!

  24. Your instructions worked perfectly and also introduced me to the mysteries of MS Disk Manager. Many thanks for allowing me to claw back 50% of my hard disk. John Vivian

  25. this was really good
    simple, clear, straight foreword, and efficient.
    I was wondering around trying to find a way to uninstall ubuntu
    I just followed your way and it worked very nicely

    thank you a million.

  26. Thank you very much……For Finding simple instructions.
    i have xp and ubuntu (with xp installed first)
    my ubuntu root file system have too many space…… so i move some files from my documents in xp to ubuntu home/documents folder…..after restarting computer it doesn’t boot from xp….i did not understand the problem….i boot pc from ubuntu and read your post….and
    1.)move the files to its previous place….
    2.)uninstalled ubuntu
    3.)restarted pc……but there was still showing error….tried to repair from xp bootcd….used chkdsk command ….gives “one or more files on the partition are corrupted”
    after that booted from live cd of ubuntu and just deleted moved files……and problem solved.
    hope if any one have this type of problem this will help them.

  27. i have minor problem…..the swap space used by ubuntu is of 667 MB.and i can’t delete this shows”this contains MBR data”….now what to do any method for moving mbr to any other location…..if you know reply me at
    Again thanx.

  28. Assuming i do this and it deletes the partitions and all, how can i resize the ntfs partition that windows xp is on? i’m rather tired of dealing with partitions and want just one partition on which to run windows and keep my data.

  29. friend i have a doubt that, is it possible to install ubuntu or any other linux os in external hard drive..???
    if possible can u tell me the sequence of steps to do that????

    • If you have a program to extract the files in the instalation .iso file, you can open the extracted folder and run the program WUBI.EXE. This executable asks how much memory, what drive you want, and what username and password you want and installs Ubuntu on to that drive.

  30. Hey,
    great guide! I’m soon gonna try it for myself since I have simular problems like you do with ubuntu right now.

    One question though, it feels like it would be safer to do step B first, the fixmbr part, and then step A, deleting the ubuntu partition, to make sure it works before you delete any data.

    Is this possible? Thanks!
    // Jens.

  31. you my good friend are my hero of the week
    i fudged up my linux mint dual boot and i was trying to figure out the easiest, most efficient way to remove it without creating a major headache for myself, THANK YOU for your help, you saved me so much time and effort

  32. Thank you, Bob.

    We must be annoying with all our “help” signals and the avalanches of “thanks”. The fact is you deserve all the avalanches. As a real recurer.

  33. Hi bob,
    Thanks for the post. I am new to Linux and I have a related problem. I have a dual boot XP and Mandriva computer (Dell Latitude d630). I unstalled Mandriva (using repair and fixmbr) to replace it with Ubuntu. I got rid off the Mandriva but it left some on my hardisk several directories with ext3 formats (6 to be exact) in D:/ which is a extended Primary partition. How can I get rid of these directories and configure to install Ubuntu (still in dual-boot mode).

    Thanks for any help!


  34. hi bob

    how can i uninstall ubuntu on multiple boot windowsxp, windows 2003 server using windows??
    do i follow same procedure as u mentined in dual boot and using windows xp cd for repair?

    with regard

  35. I have ubuntu installed already in my desktop. When I insert the windows bootable cd and press enter, it says checking hardware configuration. After that it is completely blank screen and nothing comes up. Help!

  36. Tutorial looks great, but there’s one thing different–I’m on a netbook. Any suggestions for someone who doesn’t have a CD drive? I could try borrowing an install disk and external drive, I suppose. :-/ No worries if you don’t have an answer, but if you have any suggestions, that’d be awesome.

  37. Many thanks. Even I could understand your instructions – very straightforward.
    I’m 83 – too old to swim but I can still paddle.

  38. Hi im newbie(understatement) anyway i did fixmbr then used bootcfg to delete ubuntu. I went to cmd prompt in windows typed bootcfg/? which gives instructions on how to delete boot file for unbuntu then i was fine

  39. by the way i forgot to tell u, i dont seem to be able to find fixmbr. as im no expert on the subject , i may need rather detailed instructions!!

  40. You need to boot off the XP install disk. When you boot, Repair will be an option.

    To boot off a CD, you might need to change the settings in the BIOS for the boot sequence.

  41. heyllo ppl , i installed ubuntu on the same partition as Windows XP..! After un-installing Ubuntu , the option Ubuntu still appears in start up.!
    What am i supposed to do about it ??

  42. I Have XP on a Primary Drive.
    Nothing Else On The Disc.
    Ubuntu Is On A Partition On A Secondary Drive.
    Ubuntu installed Over My MP3 Partition and My Backup Info.
    How Do I Uninstall Ubuntu Without Deleting My MP3 and Backup Info. ?

  43. Hi Bob,
    I have a singular problem.
    I accidentally installed Ubuntu 9.04 twice onto my computer. My hard drive is currently divided into 6 partions:
    Windows Vista
    2 x Ubuntu
    2 x Linux swap
    I would like to get rid of one of the Ubuntu and one of the Linux swap partitions safely.
    I know how to delete the partitions but I understand that I also need to edit the GRUB, which I have no idea how to do.
    Can you help me with this please?

  44. uninstall dual boot win xp & ubuntu
    no need to insert cd
    u just check at win xp msconfig
    then check at sub system
    edit (remove text “ubuntu”)
    save and restart ur pc
    and dual boot will be clear

  45. Bob, I simply followed your advice at the very top of your blog. Did not even read everyone else’s comments. It worked PERFECTLY!
    Thanks 🙂

  46. hello sir,
    iI want to uninstall my ubuntu 8.0. so i am using win xp. so i need explain about how to boot off window xp CD and i dont know about fixmbr…what it is…please explain mae……

  47. I did it like you wrote here, step by step, but when i turn on the computer i get the following message during boot:

    Grub loading stage 1.5
    Error 17

    And i did the Recovery Console FIXMBR process.

    What else i can do, cuz i dunno how to get my computer to normal boot with ntldr.

  48. This was a very elegant solution to uninstalling Linux. I had Windows XP and Windows 7 installed. I followed your instructions, including using the “1” for picking the installation, and when I used “fixmbr”, the problem was solved. Thank you very much!

  49. Hello Bob,
    I installed Ubuntu 9.04 JJ using Wubi,
    and later on i uninstalled it and when i reboot
    i dont get a grub error like these guys do, all i get is just a boot selection screen where you choose where to go e.i —
    Choose a selection of items listed below to
    start in.
    —>Windows xp 64 professional
    when i select ubuntu it says file missing NTOKernal.exe or something like that. and i dont know how to get rid of the start up.

  50. i did the following uptop boot up on windows repaired and pressed 1 to the cmd prompt screen

    i typed fixmbr and it says it created a new file. but when i boot up it still goes to the OS selection menu
    any ideas?!

  51. Okay. I’ve tried numerous amount of times
    and it still boots up with the select an OS menu, and so i went to boot up into desktop and started cmd prompt and did bootcfg
    and it shows 2 partitions

    1: windows x64 profession
    path C:\Windows
    2: Ubuntu
    path: N\A
    What shall i do?!

  52. @ Taiko, nvm i found a good way to delete it
    thanks to Taiko for people who install Ubuntu JJ under your Windows and tried and had the same problem as i do need to follow the steps
    start computer to desktop
    go to start>program files>accessories>command prompt
    if you see ubuntu as a # id then do this
    bootcfg /delete /ID #
    and it will delete it
    sorry for spam commenting i was really trying to remove Ubuntu :X

  53. stuck on grub (error 22) — got any ideas? I think I removed partitions the wrong way in Windows, so now I get the dell screen then a screen with 3 lines.

  54. can I do the fixmbr thing with any windows xp CD version? because I did this to a computer which I’m not sure about which windows xp has installed on it

  55. I installed ubuntu 9.04 in my 2 PCs. both were running with OS XP SP 2. In one PC it has not taken the network connection and i m not able to connect to internet. i tried to change the auto etho with given ip adress & dns but still it is not working whereas internet is working fine through XP. In other pc network connection is fine but when i try to open it say fatal error. i dont know how to solve it. pls help me ASAP. thx

  56. hi..I boot from cd winxp..

    but when setup is starting windows.. I got blue screen…

    a problem has been detected and windows has been shut down to prevent damage to your computer.


    what should I do???

    help me please… thanks before..

  57. i liked ubuntu9.04 but in my pc i already have xp and fedora-8 then also i installed ubuntu from outside the window in F: and now i have forgeted my passwd for ubuntu then can i be able to uninstall ubuntu without affecting the files of F:
    by the process mentioned above
    please suggest!!!!!!!!! my email-id is

  58. Thank you Bob.

    Your instructions are clear and easy to follow, and better yet, they worked for me. I was running a dual boot of Ubuntu 9.04 /XP pro x64, on my Toshiba A215

    My laptop originally came with Vista, but I was dissatisfied with all the bloat-ware it came with. It was hell to clean up, but even then it never felt perceptibly faster than my old XP pc, since I was stuck with a 32 flavor of Vista, which crashed & burned all the time, so I got rid of it and got a 64 bit XPpro, and it made all the difference. I also installed Ubuntu at the same, because I was curious about all the good things I’d read about it and mainly because it is FREE 🙂

    I was never fully able to get wireless networking to work on Ubuntu, due to issues with the RTL8187b chip-set. I haven’t given up on Ubuntu just yet, it’s saved my laptop a few times when nothing else worked, with the new beta out of 9.10 I wanted to give that a try but the update instructions were a little too involved for me. I figured a clean install on that partition would be a better idea, Which is where your instructions were super helpful. I have the live cd’s for both so I’m not worried if it doesn’t work out I’d be no worse off than before, i’d be able to go back if I had to.

    Now, I keep my data separate from the OS’s on a separate partition just in case of spectacular failures, which sometimes happen, so I can re-install, without worrying about losing my data when system restore won’t do the trick.

    Thanks again for putting up this time saver, it was truly a godsend. (Still no joy on the w/less :P)


  59. Thanks for the how-to, it worked perfectly. I got a little nervous when it asked for an administrator password, but luckily there wasn’t any.

  60. …oh and for all those “why would you uninstall Ubuntu, it’s much better than Windows” people out there: I never got wireless network to work under Ubuntu because of driver issues. Ubuntu is probably fine when it works, but it was just too much of a pain to set up on my machine.

  61. Ok, that nearly worked for me. Even though after I typed fixmbr it told me that everything was fixed, it still booted to GRUB. So I talked to a friend and we found a solution that worked.

    Note that I only have one harddrive on my computer.

    type: fixmbr \DEVICE\HARDDISK0

    (that’s a zero, even though it doesn’t look like it when I typed it in the comments box.) If you have multiple hard drives, you might need to do something else.

    Based on my googling, it seems like fixmbr worked for most people, but I thought I’d offer this solution in case it doesn’t work for some.

  62. Hi guys to easily remove ubuntu 9.10 from dual boot menu “system restore” is the best way……
    i tried it & succeeded….
    (first remove ubuntu from add/remove programs & delete wubi installer if you installed it)
    to go to system restore,
    press Start/all programs/accesories/system tools/system restore……

  63. Hello Bob,
    I want to uninstall Ubuntu 9.04 from an MSi Wind U100. Would this procedure work if I burned the Windows CD to USB and run it from there? Or will that just cause further problems?

  64. PS: If burning it to USB would work, where can I find out how to burn it?

    PPS: I have another computer here that does have a CD drive but it’s a Mac so I can only like, transfer the file/s on the CD to mine and burn it there.

  65. Hello Bob,
    I really hope that you could help me, the thing is that in a time of a recless stupidity i’ve desided to uninstal my ubuntu using the win 7 cd (on self initiative, not knowing the proper ways to do this correctly), so i’ve runed the delete partition comand, and i’t looked like charm, but afterwards when i reinstaled ubuntu i discovered that i’m 30 gb short on my HDD (they just seem to have vanished along with the partitions i have deleted). Is there a way to get my gigs back? I really miss my memory!

  66. Well, Thanks for this wonderful tutorial since I am about to install Ubuntu on my windows xp machine as dual boot and I needed to know how to uninstall just in case. Nice blog BTW.

  67. Thanks!!!! It worked perfectly. I had to resize the Windows partition, so I downloaded a program called “EASUS Partition Master.” and everything is workinp perfectly.

  68. I have installed Ubuntu inside windows and removed in add or remove programs.But there is some problem that is ubuntu dual boot entry not deleted . always it is showing ubuntu what to do ,please help me.

  69. i have windows xp os.but i have tried to dual with windows 7 told completed installation restarted that is showing starting windows after that screen my monitor light blinking that is there is no display and restarted, again its doing like that what to do?.

  70. Hi
    I hav done as you said…Deleted the Ubuntu partitions in Disk management. I have restarted with my vista CD and its showing
    GRUB Loading stage 1.5.

    GRUB loading, please wait…
    error 22

    I have changed the BIOS options to boot from CD and its not even reading the CD from the CD drive. What do you want me to do…

  71. Instead of booting from the widows xp cd and choosing “fixmbr” you can simply edit the boot file from within windows.

    follow the instructions on this page and simply delete the line under Operating Systems that starts with ubuntu, or whichever operating system you wish.

    Of course this is only useful if you have already deleted the ubuntu partition and are still seeing the dual boot scree on startup

  72. Hi all,

    I too tried this option for uninstalling Ubuntu, but when i have inserted Win-xp cd, straight away it went for installation with out asking for the option “Repair” .

    Here I allowed the system to install exactly in the place where XP was installed, It has copied all the files and it has asked me to restart the system, I re-started the system with removing the XP cd.. thats it …

    Now my old XP has come-up ..

    Thanks to Bob

  73. Hi
    i have winxp, installed ubunti with wubi on c drive and then uninstalled if i try to install wubi again with wubi installer i am unable to do so..pls help.

  74. sorry,i try to install ubuntu again,i am unable to do so..i check diskmanagement….evry drive is shown as NTFS..please let me know what to do..

  75. Thanks Bob,

    Had an issue with uninstalling Ubuntu on an XP dual boot machine. Used your instructions and removed the partition . Great.

    I used Easeus Partition Master Home Edition (which is free), to resize my remaining partition.

  76. The XP cd that i have is from the computer manufacturer and when I boot from it is not giving me an option to “Repair”. All it has is format and reinstall.

    So now since I deleted the Ubuntu partition the GRUB is still coming up but nothing to boot from so i am stuck…no Windows no Ubuntu!

  77. hi

    i have window xp, ubuntu 9.04 and another ubuntu. Now i want to have lts without damaging xp. Please detailed instructions.Also this machine is offline

  78. Hello,
    I have Windows in C drive and Ubuntu in E: drive. I have other data in the E: drive too which I cannot backup. Is it possible to remove Ubuntu without losing any data?

  79. HI, i only have ubuntu installed on my laptop as i completely buggered up and lost all my old files that i had on windows 7, ive also deleted windows7 and cant seem to find any ways of uninstalling ubuntu so i can put vista or xp on, is there any way to uninstall ubuntu and delete the GRUB loader without having to use windows?

  80. Hi Bob,
    I Have WinXP SP3 on my Machine & installed Ubuntu & kubuntu on my Machine. Kubuntu was very easy to Uninstall, I just went to Add/remove programs & it got uninstalled in a few minutes.

    Unfortunately Ubuntu (Gnome desktop) doesn’t give me this option.

    I tried to follow your method.
    but The CD that I have for my WinXP doesn’t give me a Repair option, if I boot from it, it just starts loading up windows on the computer.

    I don’t want to load winXP again becuase I already have it & also I don’t want lose anything that on there, I just want to leave my Windows as it is but Uninstall Ubuntu & remove that rachet boot Grub loader thing & Most importantly restore My Local C drive back to it original state of just one big drive without any annoying partitions or fragments.

    Please any Advice would really be appreciated it.

  81. first time i installed it in my computer but after i know that there is my mother language keyboard can use by using my country name. that’s why i like to un install ubunto one time and again install but realy i couldn’t do it. if u can please help me! i would like to un install it one time and use it again.

  82. I tried this last night. I deleted the Ubuntu partions, rebooted with the XP CD, hit F2 for recovery mode, and was promptly asked for a recovery floppy! Which of course I don’t have. I don’t even have a floppy drive.

    Here was my work around:

    Go ahead and start the install of XP, using the unallocated, unpartitioned space deleting Ubuntu freed up. During setup, Windows will wipe GRUB, and replace it with the Windows bootloader. When setup reboots, It will show two copies of XP instead of XP and Ubuntu.

    Quickly arrow down, the second XP will be your old install. When it loads, delete the partition you just installed the XP setup files to. Then, use the msconfig utility. Go to the boot.ini tab, and select check all boot paths. It will remove the pointer to the second install, and you are done!

  83. while i was during the repair it asked me for administrator password but i can’t remember it! and now im stuck… any idea on how to get the administrator password? thanks in advance

  84. I followed the instructions given by J.Arm on February 21 – thanks J.Arm it works fine – but I did not deleted the Ubuntu partitions just to review their size. When I rebooted the system it automatically started Windows XP SP3, no selection menu was shown, but to my surprise the other partitions pertaining to Ubuntu had disappeared and XP had recovered that space for its own use without using any partitioning program.
    Thankyou Bob for your helpful website

  85. I follow the steps described in the post, but when i’m asked for the admin password i dont seem able to get it right, because i dont remember ever used it, and so i m stuck at this point .. what can i do to solve this problem?

    thank you

      • i tried with no password, but same effect as with a wrong password. so i quit trying that, and installed in a new partition another copy of xp os.
        When i reboot the first time, it introduced me the dark pane with the two windows to choose from, and the grub loader didn’t start, so now i am able to start any windows with no problem.
        But when i try to change the admin pass in both windows, and then repeat the steps described in the post, i still have the same problem, it doesn’t accept any password.
        So in the end i unninstal ubuntu but i didnt type the command “fixmbr”, do i still have to?
        Thank you for the help, and greetings for everyone

  86. Hi, I installed Linux Mint Gnome via USB Memory Stick I now want to remove the OS from my Netbook and Grub Boot Loader I have a netbook with Windows 7 I dont have any windows CD or anytime Please Help?

  87. I’m another you’ve helped with removing ubuntu 🙂

    I’m going to leave a tip which may help others (hope it hasn’t been posted already).
    I have a laptop with XP but I don’t have a XP CD… I however do have Vista.
    I removed the partition as instructed and booted with Vista CD. Went into Repair then system prompt. At the prompt I entered bootrec /fixmbr
    Rebooted… worked.
    Then all I did was formatted the “freed” partition 🙂

    Thanks again for the thread 🙂



  89. when you say “delete the ubuntu partitions” in the disk manager, how do i know which ones are ubuntu? and could you, in even easier language, explain how to make windows all of my hard driv, with no partitons? please.

  90. WOW, this worked great, really simple.

    I think I am going to buy a second disk to load Ubuntu on since the partition made when I dual boot is too small for WINE programs even though I have a 500 gig hard drive.

    Any suggestions on dual boot when Ubuntu is on a second drive? I hear that Grub can sometimes be messed up.

    Thanks for the help

  91. hey bob, i have question.. is it necessary to use recovery console to fixmbr,
    why dont ew use command prompt and the same command fixmbr and get the result..
    and thanx for your help..

  92. Thanks to you, I was safely and time-efficiently able to remove my OS and dual-boot system, which was consuming a lot of disk space. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. My only query is whether if the lost disk space can be merged back to my 596GiB External Hard Drive. It is not such a problem, since I can use the 148GiB that was lost due to the OS installation without problem, but I was just wondering if I could.

    And again, thank you very much.

  93. first select (boot with win xp loader) than after booting , go to c drive & click uninstall ubuntu.
    it’s working
    good day……..

  94. Using easybcd will remove the Linux grub booter at the hard drive start up and install the windows boot loader for either windows 7/Vista/XP

    Just download it, install it, click on the bootloader setup tab ( your first partition in slide down menu is the boot loader you shouldn’t have to mess with that though, it is also the smallest partition on your hard drive) then click write MBR. Next delete the Linux partitions, run diskmgmt.msc. The partitions to the right on the C drive are what Linux is on. Right click delete them. Next if you want to you can merge the free space with your C Partition you can just right click on your c partition and extend the partition.
    All done you have deleted Linix or any other operating system on your hard drive without using a windows disk or any other operating system disk. A word of advice its best to overwrite the MBR with the windows boot loader before deleting any partitions.

  95. Fantastic and Fast. Thanks very much! Couple things:

    1. I wasn’t able to find my original Windows XP disc, but I had one for a different computer that worked fine – in case anyone is in that situation.

    2. I got stuck on the administrator password as well. I just hit the ‘Enter’ key and it worked fine. I suppose most people never set the administrator password. I sure didn’t.

  96. I have just installed ubunta ??? now I want to remove it
    Xp pro running two HDD
    first 320 partion with ubunta
    problem old dell do have dell reinstall disc but it is only ms2 not ms3 have separate disc for reinstall of micosoft3
    so how to get rid of it

  97. i have windows xp on c: and ubuntu on d:. Ubuntu has created separate partition on d: son out of 50GB on d: only 25BG is shown. while fixingMBR, in repair console it asks for :
    1.c:\windows. should i type 1 and then type d: and then fixmbr? or type fixmbr in c:\windows itself?

  98. The original article helped me a lot as I had to remove Ubuntu but I did not have an XP CD. Having deleted the Linux partitions I could not stop the machine until I had restored the MBR. I found a program called mbrfix (130 k) which I downloaded, unzipped and ran. mbrfix /drive 0 fixmbr. The job was done.

    mbrfix available from

    I see no reason that this could have been downloaded and run before the Linux partitions were removed to allow booting straight into XP and then remove the Linux partitions afterwards – perhaps safer if the write did not work.

  99. hello mr. Bob…….
    very cool walk-through….. i used it long before and problem solved…

    but this time i’ve other situation…….
    i’m having PC with TRIPLE BOOT….. 160GB HDD- partitioned to 4 as follows-
    C: having Windows XP………
    D: having some data……
    E: having Windows 7(over XP)
    F: having UBUNTU-9.10(after 7)
    To goto my XP…
    =>on boot up i have GRUB loader, where i hv to choose windows 7 boot loader,
    that gives other 2 options to select Windows 7 or XP………..

    Now i want UBUNTU-10.10 to replace UBUNTU-9.10……..
    i have live CD of 10.10……. and a slower net connection so can’t update directly…..

    i’ve gone through lot of searching and all…. got nothing…….
    so plz help me out fast ……..
    thnx in advance…..

    • Hi CODER007,

      You should be able to install Ubuntu 10.10 in place of 9.10 directly from the CD. When installing 10.10 it should detect the Win 7 and then configure Grub loader correctly, the booting of XP from Win 7 should not be affected.

      For safety it may be good to save a copy of the grub.cfg file which you will find in /boot/grub/ directory, which you could use to fix the config if you get problems.

      Good luck

  100. In the start you tell us to do a ‘repair’ to Windows.
    Yet later, you say “No, it will not do anything to Windows” when somebody asked whether the Windows would be formatted.

    However, at, with the title ‘How to Perform a Windows XP Repair Install’, the first sentence is “It is extremely important that you backup important data that is not available from other media sources.” So I doubt the repair “will not do anything to Windows” is true. Or is this only extreme safety?

  101. Solution for error
    grub loading stage 1.5
    is, just remove computer’s motherboard battery, goto bios and set to boot from CD/DVD.
    It works very fine no need to get any special windows edition then continue further process.
    But for removing motherboard battery, use certified professionals only.

  102. hello,
    am deleted Ubuntu partitions including swap.
    then restarted PC.. and boot to xp CD..
    and how can get command prompt to type ” fixmbr “

  103. THANK YOU!! Flawless rundown! Deleted Backtrack 5 32 GNOME dual boot with XP.

    -When the power of love overcomes the love of power the world will know peace.

  104. Hello Lukhman,
    In the start menu there is a box for you to type commands with a button labeled “Run”. Either you can type “fixmbr” in there and click “run” or you can type “cmd” and click “run” which will open a terminal with a command prompt.

    Of course you have to download the program “fixmbr” as shown above first.

    Good luck

  105. Hi

    Quick instructions: (detailed instruction follow)

    A.) Use Disk Manager in Windows to delete the Ubuntu partitions.

    B.) Boot off your Windows XP CD.

    After boot from xp cd automatically

    then F8 Agree
    and then skip to first repair

    Select C:\windows\ (example default windows full path) seclect

    Choose “Repair” (Enter and Repairr) choose R
    it will automaitcally intalled existing setting with all software and hardware support
    Reboot pc it will working properly

    Thank you

  106. Its not necessary to boot from CD… I have a much easyier way to delete it…
    Like Bob writes, i deleted all Ubuntu partitions with the Windows Disk Manager…
    Then i downloaded a programm called “FixMbr” and extracted it to C:.. Then i opened the command line, and changed directory to c: (just type in “c\”), and this will appear “C:\>”
    Then you have to enter this: “MbrFix /drive 0 fixmbr /yes” At this point, the GRUB loader is deleted, and you can simple boot xp, like you did it before… It works for me…

  107. Just had much the same problem as Bob, except that to complicate things, I also did not have a Windows boot CD or Recovery Console. After some searching, I found a free command-line utility called MBRFIX, and then, even better, a version of MBRFIX with a little GUI called BCRWIZ ( ).

    So my quick instructions went like this:

    A.) Use Disk Manager in Windows to delete the Ubuntu partitions.

    B.) Run BCRWIZ, following directions at ,
    1) My laptop runs Win XP, so I chose “Restore MBR code to W2K/XP/Server 2003” and clicked “Next”.
    2) The next screen asks which HD you want to fix. I have only 1 HD, so I chose Disk 0 on the dropdown. Click Next again. I got a success screen.

    C.) Reboot. No more GRUB, no error messages, just the Win XP boot screen. Relief…

  108. Bob,

    Thank you so much! It worked. Even for a newbie like myself. My friend was right when he new I was a newbie and said “I’ll give you one word of advice. Don’t mess with Linux”. Easy to Install and almost impossible to get rid of.

    Thanks again


  109. Hello Bob,
    Thank you for posting this information.
    I attempted this last night, but when I rebooted with the Windows XP CD I had to press F2 for recovery mode and then asked to insert a floppy. I do not have a floppy disc, nor do I have a floppy drive.

    Is there something I am doing incorrectly to get into recovery mode?

    I would follow Bob Q’s suggestion above to reinstall XP on the unpartitioned space, but I am using PGP encryption on my system and windows doesn’t recognize the system as being formatted and wants to reformat my HD losing all my critical data. Please help!!!

  110. Sir, I plan on installing ubuntu 11.10 in my computer. I am sure i will uninstall it in a week. How can i safely uninstall it without leaving any traces of it in my computer ?
    I now has a windows xp operated system. If i install ubuntu and then install windows 7 in my computer will my computer ask which operating system should be loaded?
    Sir, i prefer an explained answer. Thank you in advance. B-}

    • If you create a bootable USB/live CD to install Ubuntu that way then the first time you run it from USB it will give you a list of options: run from USB, install as standalone, install side by side with windows.

      If you want to run Ubuntu within windows which makes it infinitely easier to install and uninstall but uses more system resources due to having to run 2 OSes then head over to and use the Wubi installer.

      Note: a bootable USB is a USB drive correctly formatted and containing the files that allow it to automatically run the installation of linux or run linux itself from the USB when you select it as your primary boot device in your BIOS. a live CD is the same thing except it is a CD instead of a USB drive.

      I hope this helps.

  111. I’d like to just help out anyone who might prefer not to deal with the boot disk follow all the step but before you restart your computer after you’ve wiped the partitions, download EASEUS Partition Master 9.1.0 home edition for free install it and choose the “fix MBR” option this will fix your windows boot and you wont even have to boot from the disk 🙂 good luck

  112. RIght, after yet another Ubuntu crash which demanded knowing complex command line commands..Sorry but Linux will NEVER catch on until it has the usability of Windows eg. NOT having to know ANY command line commands and being able to pretty much sort EVERYTHING out by a GUI. Also, if Windows does require command line, then they are usually only about 1 or 2 commands and only needed for repair (which happens like 5x since Win 7 for me and all to do with FKNG Ubuntu FKNG up the bootloader when I enough and delete it and dont want the ugly crap of a GRUB bootloader either).
    Many people I know have told me they bought an iPhone because they want simplicity and something that WORKS and can be fixed very EASILY as my friend who works on Apple support also tells me and says it is mostly TRUE.
    ..However, obviously I bought an Android lol (yes I know it’s Linux) so I can root and use custom firmware..But this is the same argument again.with Windows and Linux and I have to say, I would recommend iPhone over Android for most people buying a smartphone for the 1st time.

    I am an advanced Windows user and have been there with DOS successfully trying to fix Win95-XP stuff but FFS somethiing fatal ALWAYS happens when I use Ubuntu then I just get fed up of reading complicated and confusing pages with all these command line things. I have no idea why stupid Linux people have ever dreamt of it surpassing Windows..
    Oh, and trying to install the latest NVIDIA drivers which are only able to be done via root command line without Xserver running (taking a MULTITUDE of command lines for which you will NOT be able to find the solution on just 1 page, you have to read MULTIPLE pages/forums to try everything as often things won’t work and Linux people themselves are not sure either a lot of the time lolol) Trying to do this whilst not having other web access, another PC or a working printer and having to write everything down, then realising that those stupid Linux users in the forums don’t even know themselves what works! AARRRGGHHHH!

    Double clicking an executable and clicking a few boxes, I am not a Redmond Fanboy but Windows has got it 10000000% in the bag for me!

    Ubuntu…I tried you from v9-11 and EVERYTIME I suffer fatal problems for reasons often I have no idea why they have happened..I’m sorry but I have to throw you in the cesspit once and for good.

  113. Thank you VERY much – amazing how simple it was just following your instructions. Tip for ignorants such as myself: press enter when the repair screen asks for admin password cause you never set it. Again, thanks.

  114. I followed the instructions, deleted my ubuntu partitions which also delete my E and F drives, which were successfully recovered using EaseUs.
    Then I set the boot startup order to USB CDROM
    And waited for my system to get booted from the cd, but it shows the grub rescue command. What to do now, kindly advice.

  115. Hi Friends
    Can Anyone Help Me… I have 2 machine one machine containing Xp and another one containing a Linux Fedora 14. I removed Fedora harddisk and connected to My xp machine. I deleted partition of Fedora now when i start u the window it showing grub command … I want to install xp in that machine can an one give solution … Urgent

    Sri dhar

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