You know you’re getting serious about coffee when you get a burr grinder. They allow the coffee to be ground as you want it, fine to coarse, and don’t heat up and re-grind the coffee the way other grinder types do.

The Krups Burr Grinder has 17 settings for fineness of the grind plus a cup selector. Pour in the beans, set the number of cups and the grind fineness, then press a button.

Does it make a difference? Yes. The coffee does taste better. Plus you can grind it for espresso (extra-fine), drip (medium), or french press (coarse.)

Handy tip: If you use a drip coffee maker, clean it out every few months by running a mix of 2/3’s water / 1/3 distilled vinegar through it. Then do all water to get any remaining vinegar out.

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