Why does Microsoft make installing software so difficult?

I just got a new laptop and have been installing software. A website said I needed to install Windows Media Player to view their videos. Ok. One would think this would be simple. Not so.

The Microsoft site first insisted that I download the Verification test to insure I was not an evildoer, then said I must install Silverlight, then finally allowed me to download Media Player. Then, when I went to install it, it said it couldn’t because a newer version already exists on my computer.

But this was mild compared to the utterly brain-damaged Microsoft Office trial version which entails getting a registration number online. The procedure did not work the first several times I tried it, and this was made worse by the utterly unreadable captcha characters. Had to do three attempts at captcha before I could actually read them. The audio version of captcha was useless, it had multiple people speaking different letters and numbers at once.

Installing software doesn’t need to be so user-unfriendly. That’s why, more and more, I’m using open source. It just installs. Easily and simply too.

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