phpMyAdmin size limits on imports

We just moved my main blog to another server, using mysqldump to export the data. But then discovered a problem on the import side. phpMyAdmin won’t allow files more than a certain size and the new host has no shell access.

Solutions: BigDump. This script takes the import in chunks and thus allow a file much larger than the limits to be imported.

[BigDump does] staggered import of large and huge MySQL Dumps (like phpMyAdmin dumps and even GZip compressed dumps). Do you want to restore the huge backup of your mySQL database (or a part of it) into the new or the same mySQL database? You can’t access the server shell and you can’t import the dump using phpMyAdmin due to hard memory/runtime limit of the web server. BigDump will do it even through the web servers with hard runtime limit and those in safe mode in a couple of short sessions.

Another way that might well work is to export in WordPress itself, then import on the new system also using WordPress.

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