Scoble. Google Wave is overhyped, too scattered

His major gripe is new stuff doesn’t pop to the top so it’s difficult if not impossible to track what’s happening. I agree. It looks to be great for collaboration in a small group, but chaos at larger scale.

2 Replies to “Scoble. Google Wave is overhyped, too scattered”

  1. I can’t say since I haven’t tried it yet, but it actually sort of sounds like the early criticism of Gmail. Too much chaos. I wonder if it’s a matter of customization and ordering, things you maybe don’t master perfectly on day 1. I’m still psyched about it.


    1. It has huge promise but based on my playing with it, yeah, if you’re Scoble tracking a conversation with multiple people all typing at you at the same time, it would be difficult to watch them all or even know where they were on the screen.

      But for what you’re doing, collaboration with correspondents elsewhere in real time, it could be quite powerful.


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