Much ado about privacy on Facebook (I wish Facebook were MORE open!!!)

So says Scoble

Yes, I know some of you have delusions of creating the equivalent of an exclusive dinner party, or, even, something bigger like a TED conference in your Facebook page.

I’m just so bored with all that talk. Just what are you doing that needs to be so damned private? Are you having sex inside Facebook? Doing illegal drugs? Cheating on your wife? Damn, your Facebook life must be SO interesting!

Me, count me out of this whole privacy thing. I want everything I do to be public and then I don’t have to spill thousands of words crying when Mark Zuckerberg takes my stuff and exposes it in a search engine.

He then details the multiple ways the new open Facebook is helping him to find new information, like restaurants, music, hockey players to follow, and lots more.

I applaud that Zuckerberg is trying to be less like AOL and more like the open web.

I completely agree. The more open the better. If you don’t want something on the Net don’t put it there. And I find it bizarre that some are appalled that FB friends might now know what you listen to on Pandora. Like, why is that even an issue?

Like Scott McNealy of Sun once said, “You have zero privacy anyway. Get over it.”

One Reply to “Much ado about privacy on Facebook (I wish Facebook were MORE open!!!)”

  1. Perfect. Like i always say, you want something not to be made public, don’t post it on facebook. You wanna post your stuff online, and then expect people not to know; why the hell are you putting it there in the first place?


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