The Internet of Things is coming

Everything from heart-rate monitors to pets will be part of the Internet of Things soon enough. Let’s make sure it serves us and not the other way around. It needs to work silently and in the background, and not need constant tweaking. Nor can it be intrusive or used for Orwellian purposes. Security is important too. What happens if someone with ill intent hacks into the heart monitor of an enemy?

The primary challenge in building the Internet of things will be keeping all that connectivity in perspective. As Lamberth writes, “We must be sure to keep our humanity top of mind as we move into our hyper-connected future, and strive to ensure that the developing network of connected machines is focused on serving humanity, rather than the other way around. Only then can we attain the calm, ubiquitously connected society that the original framers of the [Internet of things] envisioned.”

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