WPA Cracker cracks WiFi passwords in the cloud

They also have an extended, 284 million word dictionary that you can run for $55 in 40 minutes. They’ll also use the same process to crack the passwords on encrypted ZIP archives.

You’re safe if your password isn’t in any dictionary, including the special dictionaries used for password cracking (these dictionaries will try random words in combination, as well as common letter-number substitutions such as “1” for “i” and so on). The crack works on WPA and WPA2-locked networks.

Your best bet is a long, random string for a password — 64 bits of random noise will probably foil something like this for a good time to come.

We currently have Qwest DSL. The encryption key is hardcoded by them and is 26 mixed alphanumeric characters with no words in it. They put it on the bottom of the modem / router for easy reference. I put it on a thumb drive so visitors can easily cut and paste to go online.

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