Scoble tweets about autistic son, gets help

People respondedwith helpful advice and support.

A couple weeks back we learned that our son, Milan, is autistic. Instead of coming to my blog and holding court I thought I’d just tweet it. I did that with an audio recording done when I got out of the doctor’s office with the diagnosis. We’ve known for some time that he wasn’t developing normally, after our friend’s kids could speak at two and Milan is having trouble getting a word or two out at three, but we didn’t know what was causing the problem and now that we know we’re getting him the best treatment. Thanks to everyone who has sent tons of feedback and things for us to read. Maryam and I really appreciate that and it shows how world-changing Twitter and Cinch are.

My wife and I recently learned our nephew is autistic. Absolutely, the speed at which we can can get info and support on the Net is extraordinary and world-changing.

In a maybe similar vein, my wife started a new job and another of the new hires is a deaf CPA. He was one of the first deaf people to become a CPA. He speaks fluently and if he can see your lips, can understand you fine. If you saw him ordering food in a restaurant, you would have no clue. I guess someone forget to tell him he is handicapped. And some autistic people lead quite normal lives.

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