Flamingos and pelicans at The Flamingo!

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The Flamingo on The Strip in Las Vegas has an interior area with birds, fish, waterfalls, and more. The pool area had 200 people waiting in line in 110 degree heat to get sardined into the pool area where you could barely move. Woo hoo, are we having fun yet?

It was originally built in 1947 by Bugsy Siegel, who was nicknamed that because of his violent, unpredictable temper. No one called him Bugsy to his face because of – you guessed it – his violent unpredictable temper. His girl friend Virginia Hill was accepted as an equal at the highest levels because of her skill in money laundering and selling stolen merchandise. Yes, the mobsters were thugs. They also took a dusty little town and turned it into a world-class destination.

Real pink flamingos!


California brown pelican


200 people in line for Flamingo Pool. 110 degrees. Pool was packed



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