Historic Railroad Trail. Lake Mead

We hiked the Historic Railroad Trail yesterday, 6.5 miles round trip, from Boulder City NV to Hoover Dam along Lake Mead. It’s a trail now, however was a railroad when they built Hoover Dam in 1931. It was only 90 F (32 C), not hot by Vegas standards.

Next weekend will be 108, so caution is definitely advised, if they haven’t closed the trail. Heat here absolutely can kill.
It was seriously windy, with sustained gusts of 50-60 mph, which made walking difficult at times. Deserts can be like that.

One sign shows where Ragtown was. The poorest of the workers lived there. No running water, no electricity. Baking heat.

Lake Mead. March 2015.

Lake Mead. Bathtub ring

Wynn casino bling. Hot air balloon replica made with real flowers.

Hot air balloon replica

It’s just not quite what I was expecting…

East Street

Words of wisdom from Al Capone

Al Capone quote

Mob Museum, Las Vegas

Something to think about

redneck zombie apocalypse

Brothel. Rhyolite Ghost Town, NV

Rhyolite NV ghost town brothel

There doesn’t appear to have been much privacy at the Rhyolite NV brothel. It’s just a few hundred feet from other buildings. The town boomed for a few years around 1904, then the gold ran out.