Greenwell Farms. Kona coffee

Kona coffee is very smooth. Greenwell Farms has been growing and producing coffee in Kona since 1850. When buying Kona coffee, make sure it is 100% Kona.


What coffee-making method makes the best cup of coffee?


The best grind for the coffee depends on the brewing method being used.

French press: Coarse grind, mild taste.

Stove-top espresso: Medium grind, dense, powerful flavor.

Filter coffee maker: Fine grind, stronger and richer.

Siphon coffee brewing tutorial from Blue Bottle Coffee


Siphon brewing is a complicated, fussy operation requiring flame and glass and perhaps not best to attempt in the AM while waking up It produces rich, flavorful coffee. Blue Bottle Coffee, a top end specialty coffee shop chain, explains how to do it.

French Press, Chemex, siphon coffee brewing methods

Alterra’s chief brewer shares useful tips on three brewing methods. He says French Press has body, Chemex has clarity, and siphon is probably the best of both worldss.



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Coffee house sign


Where’s my coffee???